In the first interview, the lawyer will want to discuss the fee if you    
    decide to hire him or her. There are several different types of fee

    With a Flat Fee, you agree on a set rate for each stage of
    representation.  No matter how much time the lawyer actually spends  
    on the case, a flat fee should not increase without your approval.

    With an Hourly Fee, the lawyer provides a regular billing statement   
    detailing the time spent on the case. Based upon the total hours spent  
    on your case at the agreed rate per hour, the statement will show the  
    total amount due for that billing cycle. You are expected to keep
    current with your bill. Usually you must pay a retainer at the outset
    and keep a minimum balance in your client trust fund.

    A Contingent Fee means the lawyer gets his or her fee as a
    percentage, often one-third or forty percent, of the moneys collected
    in the lawsuit. This approach is common in personal injury suits.

    You will be provided with a written agreement describing the fee
    arrangement that applies to your case.
About Fees
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